What is a hot water heater blanket? Learn more with Ben Franklin Duncanville plumbers!

12 Sep What is a Hot Water Heater Blanket?

What is a Hot Water Heater Blanket?

Do I need a hot water heater blanket? This is a question many often ask themselves. To accurately answer this question, a simple understanding of what is a hot water heater blanket is vital.

Hot water heater blankets can save money in energy costs.A hot water heater blanket is a an insulated sheet that wraps around a water heater to make it more efficient. The insulation blanket also helps the water heaters maintain a steady temperature consistently. A hot water heater blanket saves a significant amount of the energy that water heaters would generally waste, which saves a considerable amount of money that would have been spent on energy bills.

Insulation blankets are rated on their thermal resistance, R-value. The R-value of a hot water heater blanket depends on the material it is made from, its thickness and density. The higher the value than the more insulation it provides.

Insulation blankets or hot water heater blankets are made with a range of materials such as fiberglass, denim, and foil among others. The ideal insulation blanket depends on the insulation the water heater needs.

Benefits of a Hot Water Heater Blanket

1. Cost
While they have acquisition costs, insulation blankets are a worthy investment in the long run. This is because hot water heaters are not as efficient as they can be. If the hot water tank is radiating heat, then the energy is being wasted.

A hot water heater blanket can rectify this. It has insulating properties which can confine the energy within the water heater tank. This will not only eliminate energy wastage but also reduce the power the water heater uses.

No matter what powers the water heater, electricity, gas or any other energy source, an insulation blanket will reduce energy consumptions and cut costs.

2. Energy consumption
Insulation is a key component of hot water heater blankets.Insulation blankets can also reduce the energy the water heater uses. They cut the amount of energy that the water heater loses to the surrounding environment.

Since the water heater’s warmth is confined within the water heater, there is less energy required to heat new batches of water that enter the heater. This makes the water heater to be energy efficient. This can also go a long way in conserving the environment while lowering the energy a home consumes.

3. Convenience
An insulation blanket can keep the water heater running efficiently and provide hot water quickly. It can reduce the energy the water needs to heat and insulate the water heater from losing heat to its surroundings.

An insulation blanket may have numerous benefits. From reducing energy costs to making the water heater efficient, these benefits are worth leveraging on.

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