Ben Franklin Duncanville Plumbing fixing a water conditioning unit.

Water Conditioning

Is your water the highest quality? How can you be sure?


Good indicators of soft, high quality water are spotless dishes, brighter and softer clothe, a shower stall that keeps from getting water spots and odorless water.


Ben Franklin Plumbing offers the best water conditioning services to fix hard water in Duncanville TXIf your water at home isn’t performing up to your potential, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help. Water conditioners or softening systems decrease dissolved minerals such as magnesium, calcium and to some degree the concentration of manganese and ferrous iron ion in hard water.


Hard water contains a high mineral content so a recharging cycle is required to deplete the minerals. This is important because when these minerals build up in your water, the taste of it is affected and it also tends to drain clogs and make water heaters work harder, thus leading to less efficiency in your home’s water system. Hard water also ruins house hold appliances like coffee makers over time.


Please don’t suffer with a hard water problem forever. Our expert plumbers can provide a whole house water treatment approach with our H2O Harmony Water conditioner system.


The H20 Harmony Water treatment system will do a little bit of everything to help with your water problem including: removing sediment particles as small as 20 microns, improve taste and odors through a special activated carbon filter, neutralize acidity by elevating pH levels, reduces iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfides that contribute to staining of fabrics, dishes and fixtures.


A water conditioning and softening system can save you money, and there are three types to choose from. We carry them in manual, semi-automatic and automatic style. Contact us today at (972) 263-5010  for a water test.