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Ben Franklin Guarantees

Have you ever had a plumbing company that didn’t fulfill all your needs? Maybe the job was less than impressive? Well, you don’t have to worry about that with Ben Franklin Plumbing. We promise 100% satisfaction with our plumbers and their work 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year! Choose Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for all your plumbing needs. You won’t regret it – we promise! Some of our guarantees are as follows…

On Time

  • We actually pay our customers if our plumbers are late to a job. We say if there’s any delay, it’s you we pay. If we’re not on time, we PAY YOU $5.00* per each minute late up to $300.00.



  • Did you know that our plumbers clean up after themselves once they are finished working? If they don’t do this or don’t wear shoe covers in the home, you don’t pay a penny!


Straightforward Pricing

  • Before we do any work, we always talk with our customers about different pricing options. There are never any surprises in pricing! We won’t start work until you approve the price of the work.


Skilled Professionals

  • Our plumbers are the best, as they have apprenticed with master plumbers, take training courses regularly and attend seminars often.


Friendly & Courteous

  • Our plumbers promise to never smoke or swear in customers’ homes. If they do, you don’t pay anything for the service!


The 97% Difference

  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our team. Only 1 out of 33 applicants are accepted to work for Ben Franklin Plumbing because we expect nothing less than excellence.


Drug & Alcohol-Free

  • Benjamin Franklin Plumbing employees are subject to thorough series of background checks before getting hired. We also administer drug tests at random (where permitted by law) during their time with us.


Repairs Guaranteed

  • We promise that if a repair in your home fails in the first two years, we will repair it again for free.