Call Ben Franklin Duncanville plumber in Texas for all your plumbing maintenance needs.

Plumbing Maintenance Programs

Maintenance is an important aspect to life. We do maintenance on our cars through routine tire rotations and oil changes. We do maintenance on our bodies by working out at the gym and eating a clean diet. Plumbing should get the same treatment. A lot of people don’t realize how important plumbing maintenance is until they have an emergency on their hands.


Call Ben Franklin Plumbing in Duncanville Texas for all your plumbing maintenance needsThis is why it is so important to invest in plumbing maintenance annually. When you call Benjamin Franklin to come out for a plumbing inspection we examine showers, tubs, showers, toilets, water heaters and main line stoppages.


By inspecting sinks, tubs and showers we identify leaks, drainage problems and mineral or corrosive deposits that the naked eye can’t see. It’s important we look at sinks, tubs and showers because if these problems are left undiscovered, expensive damages are likely.


Toilets are just as important for maintenance. With use as the years go on, leaks, cracks and loose fittings begin to happen. These things can lead to expensive repairs so make sure to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for an inspection. Flappers are another vital part of the toilet to pay attention to. When they don’t function right, you can lose up to 200 gallon of water daily.


Water heaters should also receive regular maintenance. While tanks should be inspected for leaks and sediment buildup, temperature and pressure valves should receive extra attention during inspections since they cause risk of danger when not working properly.


Lastly, main line stoppages should receive regular maintenance. There are several things that can disrupt the performance of a main line stoppage such as cracks, bad joints, tree roots, sludge, and bad joints. Again, investing in maintenance is less expensive than a costly repair.


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