Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Solves Low Water Pressure Problems in Duncanville

14 Jan Low Water Pressure Problems

Low Water Pressure Problems

A low water pressure problem in your plumbing system reaches a tipping point when it affects your ability to accomplish daily activities, including the ability to take a shower, launder clothes and wash dishes. Many homeowners have experienced the frustration of a low water pressure problem -at least once. It’s a common issue that can sometimes be indicative of a plumbing system with serious problems.

Possible Causes of  Low Water Pressure Problems

If the pressure in your plumbing system seems to be low, the first step is to determine the cause. This will require troubleshooting, because several factors can cause low water pressure. The following are the most likely issues:


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Deals With Clogs When Fixing Low Water Pressure Problems

A clogged fixture may be the culprit if low water pressure is limited to one faucet. Unscrew the aerator or screen from the faucet spout and then check for the presence of sediment or other foreign materials. Soak the aerator in a warm water and vinegar solution to remove any debris. The same procedure can be used for a sluggish shower head.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Deals With Buildup When Fixing Low Water Pressure Problems

Sediment buildup occurs over time inside pipes, as water contains a number of minerals, including lime and calcium. These compounds leach out of the water and coat the inside of your plumbing. The sediment may also clog several faucets inside your home. The chemicals may cause corrosion that result in water leaks. Homes located in areas with hard water are more likely to experience this problem.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Deals With Open Valves When Fixing Low Water Pressure Problems

A shut-off valve could be partially open. If the hot water runs slow while the cold water has sufficient pressure, ensure that the shut-off valve on your water heater is open. Inspect the main water supply valve if you have low pressure throughout your home to make sure that it is open. Inspect your water supply line for leaks because this can also reduce water pressure.

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The municipal water pressure may be low because your community is attempting to conserve water. If the pressure is low throughout your house, contact the water company.

Benefits of a Water Pressure Regulator

Low water pressure increases the amount of time it takes to fill a sink, toilet or washing machine as well as to take a shower. If you have taken the proper steps and still have low water pressure, you may need to install a water pressure regulator. The regulator valve perfectly and meticulously monitors and balances the pressure inside your water pipes. This ensures that you have the pressure you need to perform daily tasks efficiently.

Water Pressure Regulator Benefits

• Save Water
• Conserve Energy
• Reduce plumbing maintenance costs

Installing a water pressure regulator can prove to be a cost-effective investment. Contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumber today!

If you feel that your water pressure is not functioning properly, you should contact your local Benjamin Franklin Plumber for assistance. Our experienced technicians can diagnose the cause of your water pressure problems and recommend the right solution. If necessary, the technician can install a regulator required to improve the pressure in your water system.

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