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Here are 5 plumbing tools you need if you own a house.

12 Jun 5 Plumbing Tools You Need If You Own a House

Professional plumbers provide invaluable services to customers who need major plumbing problems fixed and fast to prevent property damage and unnecessary expenses. But it doesn't mean that you shouldn't have a few plumbing tools of your own. Owning them can help with various minor fixes....

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You can learn about different reasons why your dishwasher will not drain.

17 Apr My Dishwasher Will Not Drain!

My Dishwasher Will Not Drain! Since their invention in the late 1800's, dishwashers have become a time-saving appliance that's expected in your average, modern-day home. Like any frequently used home appliance, dishwashers require occasional maintenance and troubleshooting. There is nothing more unpleasant than opening up the dishwasher...

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Electric water heaters come in many sizes

13 Feb Do I Have a Gas or Electric Water Heater?

Do I Have a Gas or Electric Water Heater?   If you have hot running water, your home has a water heater. This appliance would be difficult to live without. There are many types of water heaters and odds may be that you aren't sure what kind...

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Learn how to prevent a clogged bathtub drain with a Duncanville Plumber.

15 Jan How Do I Clear A Clogged Bathtub Drain?

How Do I Clear A Clogged Bathtub Drain? The bathtub or shower is probably one of the most frequently used spaces in your home, and it's noticeable whenever something isn’t working properly, especially when its a clogged bathtub drain. No one wants to get clean while...

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Holiday Plumbing is essential for this holiday season.

15 Dec Holiday Plumbing Preparations

Holiday Plumbing Preparation The holidays are probably the busiest time of the year for many homes. Between all of the parties and family gatherings, some homes can see a huge increase in activity during the festive season. And, all of those visitors will be putting an...

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There are many factors that can impact your homes hot water supply.

21 Nov Why Do I Run Out of Hot Water so Fast?

Why Do I Run Out of Hot Water so Fast? Some people are morning people, and some are not. They either wake up ready to tackle the day or drag themselves through the routine of their morning to prepare for the day. And, part of that...

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Duncanville Plumber Setting up a Pex Pipe for a residential call.

07 Nov Pex Pipe Basics

Pex pipe Basics One of the new technologies to hit the plumbing industry, and makes things more accessible than what they ever used to be. This new system will replace traditional copper and galvanized steel piping. This new technology makes it possible for the DIY crowd...

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Prevent frozen sprinklers with these tips from Ben Franklin Plumbing Duncanville!

24 Oct How Do I Prevent Frozen Sprinklers?

How do I prevent frozen sprinklers? Winter weather is on its way and that means its time to prep your plumbing system. This includes your sprinklers. These lines are especially vulnerable to the freezing temperatures that accompany winter months. If not winterized correctly, frozen sprinklers mean...

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