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why does my water smell

22 Aug Why Does My Water Smell?

People often have a keen eye regarding how their water looks. Is it cloudy, discolored, maybe even yellowish? Are particles floating around in the water? While these signs indicate poor water quality, another factor often goes unnoticed: smell. Sure, your nose may be able...

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18 Jul How to Remove a Sink Stopper

There’s almost nothing worse than a sink that won’t drain. Have you ever brushed your teeth, only to find your sink filling with water and collecting the results of your teeth cleaning? Yeah, not fun. Drain cleaner products like Drano can help, but they are...

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Why is my water heater making noise?

25 May Why is my water heater making noise?

Are you wondering why is your water heater making noise? A water heater is a lot like a referee in sports. When they’re performing at their best, you’ll never notice them. It is only when things go wrong that you begin to pay attention. A water...

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18 Apr Six Ways to increase water pressure in shower

There’s almost nothing worse than taking a shower with low water pressure. It can take forever to rinse the shampoo out of your hair, or you’ll huddle around the showerhead because the water won’t reach farther out.  A shower with low water pressure leads to longer showers...

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15 Nov How to Fix a Running Toilet

Running toilets are a nightmare. All of the water you flush down your toilet has to go somewhere, and if it's not going into the bowl, then it's running over onto your floor! An overflowing toilet can lead to all sorts of problems with mold...

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